Welcome to Castle 🏰

Castle is building the next generation of crypto-native products that enable organizations to deploy their assets in a risk-conscious manner. We empower protocols, companies, and DAOs with the decentralized financial tools they need to function at their highest capacity and execute on their vision. Time wasted in the trenches of DeFi is better spent innovating, scaling, and achieving goals.

The Problem

Earning yield is cumbersome and time intensive, yet crucial to long-term success. Besides the unmanageable UIs that plague crypto, optimal strategies require technical and financial expertise that most projects and DAOs don’t have in-house. Current offerings prioritize maximizing APY (which is often far lower than advertised) over proper management of the numerous, opaque risks present in today’s DeFi ecosystem.

The Solution

We create risk-managed, low-maintenance products that allow DAOs to secure their financial future and focus on their objectives. Castle’s ecosystem of products deliver maximal, predictable yield while minimizing risk to ensure that DAOs always have the means to fund operations and grow their treasury, regardless of market conditions. At Castle, we are simplifying treasury management, freeing up day-to-day bandwidth for web3 builders so they can focus on the development and growth of their protocols.

Castle does NOT currently have a token.

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